Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seeking wisdom from youth

Today, we get a bit of advice from Dhruv Pathak, 18, a senior at East Mecklenburg High. Dhruv recently participated in the Youth Expression Summit. Y.E.S. was designed by teens and focused on the most common issues students encounter, like bullying, dating, immigration, peer pressure and personal health. Aside from the summit, Dhruv also participates in Young Democrats, Academic World Quest and is president of the chess club.

Q: Why is it important for teens to express their emotions and educate themselves on healthy lifestyles?
"Teens definitely need to express how they feel because if you keep it bottled inside of you then it's going to eat away at you and probably cause you to make irrational decisions that can hurt the people around you. Telling people how you feel can help solve your problems, not saying emotion is always negative, but when it is it really does help. Everyone wants to experience all they can in life, if you don't live healthy physically and mentally then that dream is going to be thrown out the window.

Q: What keeps you motivated?
"What keeps me going is knowing that there is always a proverbial light at the end of every tunnel. In other words, there is always a reward for hard work."

Q: To be considered wise, what must you know?
"I feel like you must know that if you don't accept help from others then you are just winging life and that isn't a positive."

Q: What is an obstacle you have had to overcome?
"My incredible shyness which caused me to be awkward as well."

Q: What is a motto in life you tend to live by?
"I live by an Aesop quote, he once said, 'that no matter how small the act of kindness it is still appreciated.'"

Q: What are three things everyone should have with them?
"Three things everyone should always have with them is an open mind, ambition and tenacity."

Q: What's one thing worth remembering in tough times?
"During tough times you should always remember that there is always hope, no matter how grave the situation might be there is always a way out."

Q: Tell readers a fun fact about yourself:
"I am constantly analyzing the world. I'm always developing theories on human nature. Why do we act the way we do? What got us here? Why are we here?Are all people really equals?

Q: What is the greatest thing you learned at Y.E.S.?
"One person can make a change, no matter how small the change may be, it is still a change regardless."