Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teens use theater, video talents to convey social change

Singing, acting, dancing - it's not often you get a small-scale production with your political messages.

But to capture an audience's attention regarding the voting of N.C. Amendment One in the N.C. primary in May, that's exactly what a group of young adults did - put on a show.

Rachel Kaplan, a UNC Chapel Hill student, used her basic knowledge of theater and integrated a bit of technology to portray an idea. She enlisted the help of about 23 friends to produce a musical, film the performance and air it on YouTube as a way to get their message across.

The message she wanted to portray: Vote against N.C. Amendment One.

N.C. Amendment One has been a hot-topic discussion since the state Senate voted in September to place the issue on the upcoming ballot. So in May, North Carolina voters will be able to cast their vote on whether to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

Rachel got the idea to produce a short film on a political topic after seeing Prop 8: The Musical. From there, it took her about a week to write the lyrics and recruit participants. The group met twice during their winter break and filmed at the Levine Jewish Community Center.

"I'm Jewish, so I wondered how people have been persecuted throughout history," Rachel said. "I look at it as an issue of discrimination."

Rachel said this was the first video she has helped produce, but she is excited by the buzz she sees around it on Facebook and small blogs.

To view the musical the crew created, click on the video.

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