Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sandwiches go a long way

Helping someone in need can be as simple as making a PB&J sandwich.

At least, that's the mission behind Lucia Wallace’s charity work. Lucia is a sixth grade student at Anami Montessori whose role in the classroom is “sandwich coordinator,” - a title she came up with on her own.

As the sandwich coordinator, Lucia plans and implements service project to benefit the Urban Ministry Center. In this case - making sandwiches to send to those in need at the center.

Her first project two years ago generated 100 sandwiches. That number quickly grew and Lucia started making about 300 sandwiches and serving drinks and cookies at the center.

Today, with the help of fifth grade classmate Emma Geis, Lucia is working to coordinate an effort to make 1,000 sandwiches for Urban Ministry Center. This project will involve the parents and all of the children at Anami Montessori.

To donate to Lucia's cause, call Anami Montessori at 704-556-0042.

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Photos: Courtesy of Betsy Scott.


B.Martin said...

Sandwich !!!!!Mmm .Looking so yummy.I can't control my self.Well done kids. sell my house