Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special words for moms everywhere

For all the mothers out there, here is a slice of how much you are appreciated. The following segments are written by winners of the State Farm Essay Contest. Winners include Sara Norman from Forest Park Elementary, Sam Ramirez from Bostian Elementary, Dalton Ellis from Fred L. Wilson Elementary, and Kinley Guilbe from Fred L. Wilson Elementary.

By: Sara Norman
Angel Sent from Heaven,
I love her very much.
She smells like cotton candy.
She works real hard for us.

She holds my hand when I am afraid,
And wipes my tears when I cry.
There’s no greater bond that’s shared,
Besides the one that between she and I .

Being a single parent isn’t always easy,
But she always does what she can.
She makes life so much so much easier,
And for that she holds my heart
In the palm of her hand.

Best friend she’s mine
And forever she will be
Cause there is no greater love shared
Than the love that’s shared between

By: Sam Ramirez 

My mom is a prize winning mom because she is always nice not just to her family but to everyone she meets! She inspires me to be a great person to my friends, cousins, and brother, soon to be brother, my mom is pregnant! It’s the third boy she’s had! We still don’t know what we are going to name him. All I know is whatever name is best my mom will know!

My mom is a school teacher so she also inspires me to do good in school. So far I have been on A/B honor roll and if I could thank anyone it would be my mom. She always makes me do my work. Even though it’s not fun it still keeps me out of trouble at school. All that is great stuff about my mom but my favorite thing about her is that she is funny! She always turns things that make you mad into a joke and makes you laugh. That’s why my mom is a prize winning mom.

By: Dalton Ellis 
Dear Mom,

In my book you are a winning mom in every way. I like how you dance in the car, with the music way up. And I don’t care if people stare. Because you dance like nobody’s business. I like how your food looks bad, but really your food is better than Paula Dean’s food. And I love how you tell a joke. You teach us things, and that will always make you better than any other Mom. And I just love how you sing, because if you put every bird together, you would beat them easily! When you say you are bad at math, that’s a big lie! If you never win a prize or get a ribbon, in my book you are the most loving mother I could have. Thank you.

Love, Dalton

By: Kinley Guilbe 
Intelligent: my grandma teaches things me every day.

Love: she gives me the love and care I need
Old: She maybe old but shes the best grandma I ever had
Valuable: your no ordinary grandma
Energy: You always have the energy to do something

Mother: you are like a mother to me but even better
Young: you may be old but your secret is safe with me

Genealogy: you like to find out history about your family
Rest: me and my sister may be a handful, but we give you time to rest
Author: you love to write stories all the time
Nice: your nice to everyone even people you don’t know
Dream: you dream positive things not bad
Morning: every morning you drive me to school on time
Alive: Grandma I wouldn’t have done anything without you!

Essays and photos courtesy of Kristina L. Tutterow Cook, State Farm insurance account representative.