Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garinger High challenges freshmen to give back

Garinger High is challenging the new freshmen class to give back to their community.

On Sept. 4-5, during the DNC, about 300 freshmen will participate in a two-day workshop aims to educate students about health and nutrition, unity, and the significance of entrepreneurship.

 The workshop will focus on knowledge, health and community. Students will discover the importance of taking care of one another and their urban neighborhood.

Each morning at 7:15 a.m., students will begin with Ujima, a Swahili word for "collective work and responsibility" as they prepare to take on active roles in the school year.

Following Ujima, students will participate in activities at eight stations across the campus: healthy food options, planting vegetables, business showcase, nutrition, cultural arts, fitness and "What's in your soil?" Students will rotate in groups through the stations for 25-minute increments.

Other students will learn how to set up a blog and on day two the groups will alternate. The Garinger garden, the Fit Lab and community outreach programs will play an integral part in the workshop.

Last year, Garinger revitalized its 10-year-old garden to address nutritional deficits and foster community ties. The Fit Lab is in its first year at the school.

The school said outreach will continue to grow, with plans to invite the surrounding community to partake in exercise at the Fit Lab and offer neighbors a chance to volunteer in the school’s garden in exchange for free produce.