Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrate International Day of the Girl 2012

People around the world are taking today to celebrate and support girls from all nations.

Today is the first International Day of the Girl, a celebration created by Power of the People Napal. The nonprofit organization aims to bring positive changes into the lives of women and children.

People across the globe are hosting events today to show support for all girls. Candle light vigils, lamp lighting events, and university campus parties will take place from the United States and Europe, to Libya and Korea.

To learn more, visit the event's Facebook page.

Statistics from Power of the People: 
• When the number of girls attending school increases by 10 percent, GDP increases by 3 percent.
• When a girl attends school for seven years, she’ll marry four years later and have two fewer children
• A girl is 50 percent more likely to immunize her children when she is educated.
• A girl’s wages increase up to 15 percent after receiving one year of primary education.