Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senior distributes epilepsy information

Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology student Morgana Shorter spent the month of November promoting epilepsy awareness.

Shorter, a senior and three-sport varsity athlete, enlisted the help of friends to educate students about epilepsy. Morgana wanted to learn more about the brain disorder after one of her family members was diagnosed with the disease last year.

So she provided her peers with basic information one needs if they see someone having a seizure. She distributed an epilepsy awareness packet to teachers and staff at Berry, and she also spent her lunch hours handing out flyers and talking to students.

Here are Morgana's tips:
* Place a person having a seizure on his or her side.
* Prevent her or him from hitting his or her head.
* Do not force anything between her or his teeth.
* Do not hold her or him down.
* After the seizure, speak calmly to the person, explaining what happened.

Photo: Morgana Shorter speaks to one of her peers about epilepsy. Photo courtesy of Deb McLean.