Saturday, June 1, 2013

Olympic freshmen design Tri-Table desk and win contest

Noah Badger and Eric Chee, freshmen from the METS (Math, Engineering, Technology & Science) School at Olympic High, won the Livingston & Haven Engineering Design Competition this May.

As a reward, their design will be manufactured by the industrial technology company.

From L-R: Teacher John Davis, Noah Badger, Livingston & Haven
President Clifton Vann, Eric Chee and Bosch Rexroth's Technical
Plant Manager Mark Rohlinger. Photo courtesy Mike Realon 
Noah and Eric designed a Tri-Table, which is a convertible, three-piece desk that could pivot into different shapes depending on what a person using it needs.

Contestants pitched their design ideas to judges, and their designs had to be made from Bosch Rexroth materials.

Mike Realon, an Olympic spokesman, said that the judges called the Tri-Table "innovative, practical and useful."

He said about 200 students from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Gaston County competed.

"It is pretty amazing that a team of freshmen won this engineering design competition," Realon said.

Fifteen other Olympic students were also eligible to compete in the contest:

(From the Global School)
Shanel Smith
Jaliyah Scott
Jeremiah Hawkins
Travis Compton

(from the Renaissance School)
Julia Roberson
Thao Duong
Joanna Cao
Ivy Woods

(from the METS School)
Dayana Holley
Christian Ramsumair
Tiffany Russ
Alexis Gaviola
Chris Walters
Joel Roman
Rafael Ramirez