Tuesday, July 16, 2013

YMCA teens connect with South African youth via Michelle Obama

A group of teens involved at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte connected virtually with other teens in South Africa recently. It all happened through a Google+ hangout orchestrated by Michelle Obama.

A Google+ hangout allows video conferencing between multiple groups. Because South Africa is such a young country, the hangout encouraged future cultural exchanges and inspired young people to be connected globally, said Candace Murray of YMCA's community development team.

Other YMCAs from around the country were also invited by the White House to participate, including New York City, Louisville, Ky., Washington, D.C., Hartford, Conn., Cleveland and Boston.

The teens from New York spoke on behalf of the American groups, and the Charlotte teens used Twitter and other social media to interact live as well.

"It really felt like we were almost sitting there with the teens in South Africa," Murray said in an email.


South Africa News Online said...

This is a good activity and everybody try to promote such activities. Google + gave the good opportunity to the youngsters of YMCA and South Africa to communicate and come closer to each other. The youngsters are also expressing their culture to the others’. With such activities, we can promote peace and make the world globally connected.