Friday, March 14, 2014

Schools celebrate Pi Day

It's 3/14, which means it's Pi Day, in celebration of the infinitely non-repeating number (commonly rounded to 3.14), and students are celebrating in proper fashion.

At Phillip O. Berry, students built a mural of Pi, measured the circumference of their heads using Pi, tested a challenge Google's doodle of Pi and pie-ing (is that a verb?!) school administrators, including Principal Curtis Carroll, in the face. (We're working on photos.)

Similarly at Randolph IB Middle, students could buy tickets for an event that runs through 3 p.m. to throw whipped cream pies at their principal and teachers. 

The event, though it celebrates Pi Day, is a fundraiser by the Global Ambassadors Club for the local organization One Library at a Time. The club is raising money to create libraries for schools in Roatan, Honduras.