Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Farewell from Young Achievers reporter

It's bittersweet to say today (Wednesday) is my last day at the Charlotte Observer.

I'll be getting married in a few weeks and subsequently moving to the Delaware/Philadelphia area. I have so enjoyed meeting and telling the stories of our area's young achievers. They have curious minds, care about others and the planet, and are bursting with brilliant ideas. Our young people have so much to offer and they've given me hope for a brighter future.

You'll see a few more of my stories in the paper for the next few weeks, and you'll see a couple more blog posts as well. If you want to send Young Achievers news to the Observer, contact Helen Schwab at

p.s. In honor of Lindsay's work here at the Observer, here's a video from Nash Grier, the subject of several of stories this year.