Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pennies add up to make change

We might often throw the loose coins in our pockets into a drawer or jar at home to collect dust. It's easy to forget that those coins can add up - can even make a difference in someone's life.

Student participants in the YWCA Youth Learning Centers in Charlotte collected their spare change and created the Pennies for CHANGE program.

The drive was held at the 10 Youth Learning Center sites in at-risk neighborhoods across the county. As a result of the program, the students collected $200 in pennies for United Way of Central Carolinas.

Participants told the United Way that they collected pennies by doing laundry, helping with odd jobs around the house and washing the dishes. They also kept their eyes peeled for loose change while walking in parking lots and looking in between sofa cushions.

So instead of taking the spare coins out of your pocket at the end of the day and tossing them into a crowded drawer, send it to the United Way and let someone in need benefit from your change.

Above photo: YWCA Tuckaseegee Learning Center participants fifth grader Jada Ford (left), YWCA Program Site Director Christina Bellamy, second grader Mikayla Smalls and second grader Jyell Patterson (right), collect pennies for United Way. Photo courtesy of Jerri Haigler.

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