Friday, November 4, 2011

Saving the planet at a young age

Save the planet? No problem.

Two Ranson Middle School students are tackling environmental issues one recycle bin at a time.

Jaylen Sifford and Narciso DeLabra, both sixth grade students at Ranson, approached their guidance counselor, Lasonya Frazier, three weeks ago about starting a recycling program at the school.

Both students, who recycle at home, noticed their middle school did not have a recycling program. So with the help of Frazier, the school is in the process of setting up about 16 recycling bins throughout the building.

Jaylen and Narciso, along with other recruited students, will visit each classroom on a routine basis to collect paper to be recycled, Frazier said.

"To have the diligence to ask adults about a program that is lacking takes a lot of courage," Frazier said. "I think it's wonderful and they are thinking outside of the box."

Narciso is also contributing to a beautification project in his neighborhood. As a part of the beautification project, he helps pick up trash and also spends time doing chores for elderly individuals in the area.

As for Jaylen, he began recycling at home and hopes to save the environment and protect the planet with his efforts, Frazier said.