Friday, March 23, 2012

Students get first-hand glimpse of hunger

In a few weeks, 83 eighth grade students at Saint Mark Catholic School will get a glimpse into what it means to be hungry.

Students will take part in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine to fight hunger on March 30.

Each year, thousands of students across the nation unite to participate in a 30-hour famine event. During the famine, students experience hunger first-hand and then work to raise funds so that others do not have to go hungry.

A portion of the funds raised by the students will go to help needy families in the United States. Last year, students at Saint Mark Catholic raised $11,000.

To support or donate to the students at Saint Mark Catholic and their initiative, visit their website. To create a World Vision 30 Hour Famine team at your school, click here.

Hunger Facts from World Vision:
- A child dies from hunger-related causes every 8 to 12 seconds. That equals about 11,000 children younger than 5, killed every day.
- Globally, 925 million people are hungry.

Photo: 2/27/2010 More than 100 teenagers participated in the 30-hour fast at St. John's Episcopal Church. They raised money to fight world hunger and funds went to World Vision. Laura-Chase McGehee.


NCdirtdigger said...

30 hours does not enable you to experience real hunger.
That being said, I applaud the Catholic school for their kind works.