Friday, March 9, 2012

Young Achiever becomes a Buckeye

A few months ago, I came across a senior at Garinger High named Elexus White.

Elexus fills many molds. She's an employee, an athlete, a charitable giver, a homecoming queen and a journalist. But most importantly, she is focused on making a positive impact in her community and school.

“When I got (to Garinger), I needed to take charge. Garinger is not a school filled with hoodlums and criminals. We have smart kids who want to make a difference and go somewhere in life,” she told me.

And when I asked her what her goal was after high school, her answer was simple - she wanted to attend Ohio State. She was sitting in a school conference room with an Ohio State necklace draped around her neck when she first told me this.

She mentioned the blog she writes about Ohio's basketball star, Jared Sullinger, and all of the Ohio State memorabilia she has at home. And on homecoming night, she sat in the stands wearing a black and red leather Ohio State jacket over her purple gown.

I knew she was serious about this school.

The other day, I received a text message from Elexus saying she had received her long-awaited reply from Ohio State - she's officially a Buckeye.

Congratulations Elexus, we hope you continue to reach all of your goals and set the bar high for yourself!

To take another look at Elexus' story, visit Young Achievers.

Photo:Garinger High senior Elexus White (left) is caught off guard as her name is announced as the 2011 homecoming queen Sept. 30. Photo by Adam Jennings:


Anonymous said...

As a 2002 alum, welcome to the Buckeye family! We're excited to have you!

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much! Im excited as well! OH-! -Elexus