Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Find out what's inside 'Blutopia'

On Tuesday, Young Achievers introduced readers to the teen creators of "Blutopia," the literary arts magazine at Gaston Day School.

Here is a taste of what's inside the 2012 award-winning publication:

"How It Feels to Be Colored Jane"
By Jane Voss

Voluptuous, robust, plum fruits and pomegranates burst open and spill out over the pages. Charismatic letters stab one another and the blood red spurts through my mind, woven into his every word. A drama within seeps out onto the story, which can no longer restrain itself, and Vladimir Nabokov's thoughts are stained a deep, emphatic crimson.

How could anyone hate reading? Before I could even understand writing, I could see what I read and feel it deep within my soul. Unimaginable to me is the average person's black and white reading experience, for like Nabokov, I am a synesthete. Without even taking meaning into consideration, words come alive to me through their colors and personalities, auras if you will...