Friday, August 10, 2012

South Mecklenburg High sophomore wins poetry contest

Ninth grade students at South Mecklenburg High School were invited by Altrusa International, Inc., a community service organization, to write a poem about the feelings of a child whose parent(s) are deployed in the military. Of the 50 teens who entered the contest, rising sophomore Max Snyder was chosen as the winner. Max will be honored for his achievements on Sept. 13.

His poem:
As I Stay Home
By, Max Snyder

As I stay home
You'd think I feel alone
I don't
I won't

I will not cry
You ask why
Well because
It's what my Daddy does

He is gone
But I do not feel alone
I don't
I won't

He's very brave
He has lives to save
I am so proud
And love him LOUD

He'll be home soon
I'll greet him with a balloon
I will
I can

He's my hero
As I wait at the window
With a smile
Big as a mile

Daddy there's no hurry
I don't worry
I am OK
I will be OK.